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Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Complexity of Colorism

“‘Colorism’ is the discriminatory treatment of individuals falling within the same “racial” group on the basis of skin color. It can occur between members one race and between members of another race.”

Good hair, light-skinned, pretty eyes,” Blue Vein Society,” “brown paper bag test;” these are just a few of the derogatory references used by African Americans to create skin color divisions within the African American community. With the approval and preference of lighter-skinned people of color by Whites, racism has continued through the practices and beliefs of colorism. Being light-skinned has translated into a notion of Whiteness; "light bright and damn near white." This ideology has worked to assert White supremacy by endorsing the subjugation of African Americans, and those specifically who are darker skinned; repression of those who are “non-white.” This means that while one segment of the African American population benefits socially, economically, and politically, due to skin color, another is left behind due to colorism. As we move toward a society that struggles to get beyond issues of race and discrimination, people of color must work to eradicate White standards of beauty to promote unconditioned ideals.

50 Years later and Black children still choose the White doll.

What's the reality?...we gotta get it together and work against these White ideologies!

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